Summer Youth Institute On the heels of the Summer Youth Institute’s success, in 2012 we launched a four-day reconvening of Summer Youth Institute alumni focused on self-development skills (mindfulness, time management, and stress management) and college prep.

Every other year, approximately 30 Summer Youth Institute alumni from the previous two years’ cohorts reconvene at institutions of higher learning around Mississippi for Summer Youth Institute 2.0.

Summer Youth Institute 2.0 serves several purposes:

  • Maintain the strength of this network of future Mississippi leaders;
  • Expand the curriculum of community engagement, relationship building, and equity ignited at Summer Youth Institute;
  • Refine the Summer Youth Institute curriculum based on the group’s feedback;
  • Strengthen the enduring effectiveness of Summer Youth Institute students’ community projects by helping them establish their own action plans and processes for evaluation and building momentum.

Alluvial Collective staff also seeks to establish relationships where they can be supportive and resourceful to students as they transition from high school to college or career.

Summer Youth Institute 2.0 is emerging as a great opportunity for our alumni to cross-pollinate and strengthen each other through discussions of their successes and opportunities back home. Students benefit from being in an emotionally and educationally safe space to brainstorm and build their knowledge bases and capacities to create the change they desire to see.

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