Youth Summer Institute - Previous Years - William Winter InstituteStudents must pass a two-part selection process in order to be selected to participate in SYI. First, all prospective students must fill out and submit the application online.

After all applications have been received, SYI staff selects 50 students for phone interviews. In groups of five to seven, students will be asked a few questions about their expectations for SYI and any clarifications about their applications. After we have spoken with all 50 students, we will accept 28 students for the program and another eight to ten for as alternates.

The number one criterion for acceptance into the program is enthusiasm! We are looking for students who are both passionate about making positive changes in their communities and enthusiastic about learning new skills and forming new friendships. It is important that the students think carefully when writing their essays and answering questions over the phone. We are excited to get to know each of you, and we want to see that you are excited about SYI.