“Young people come of age with a critical eye and a hopeful heart. It’s that combination of critical eye and hopeful heart that brings change.” – Marshall Ganz

The Alluvial Collective’s mission to support a movement of equity and wholeness as a pathway to ending and transcending all division and discrimination based on differences demands investment in those who will inherit the future we aim to create. 

From the beginning of the Institute’s work in Mississippi, local community stakeholders have described our driving force as being able to leave their community better for their children.

Youth Circles - William Winter InstituteOur Youth Engagement efforts seek to:

  • Make space for youth,
  • build youth capacity, and 
  • support youth-led efforts in the community.

We encourage and challenge school, community, institution, and systems leaders to invite young people to the tables and spaces where priorities are being set, policies are being developed, and decisions that impact youth are being made. 

Summer Youth Institute - Winter InstituteOur Youth Engagement team works to support the efforts of youth across the state of Mississippi, especially our Summer Youth Institute alumni, in their efforts to have a positive impact in their communities. To build confidence and the opportunity for youth to do good, we help them network with their peers around issues of concern and connect them with organizations, initiatives, and partners who support their passions.

Summer Youth Institute Project - William Winter InstituteOur flagship youth engagement programs, the Summer Youth Institute and Summer Youth Institute 2.0, are both designed to help youth build their capacities to be focused community leaders capable of facilitating dialogue, building relationships, and prioritizing equity and justice.

For more information, to share ideas, or find ways to work with us, please contact us.