Courageous Listening

The Alluvial Collective’s work exists to root people into dialogue and right relationship with each other. Through careful practice passed down from civil rights leaders and other mentors, we create spaces where individuals can undergo transformative learning that builds lasting connections and opens up new ways of moving through the world.

Our programs support relationship building, deep self-reflection, and new learning and practices,  for any age or role within the community.

Youth Engagement

Planting Seeds

  • Create intentional space for youth to find and use their voices.
  • Build youth leadership capacity
  • Support youth-led community change efforts

Woman looking at a sheet of paper

Community & Capacity Building

Nurturing for Growth

  • Harness the power of storytelling
  • Build resilient community relationships
  • Achieve real, measurable change

Systems & Leader Engagement

Tending and Shaping

  • Leverage history, hope, and possibility for progress
  • Channel enthusiasm into transformational change in systems
  • Support change rooted in local impact and systems

Support our collective movement to end inequity for all people.