This Month’s Book Explores the Civil Rights Movement in New Ways

Learning and education are integral parts of the Alluvial Collective’s mission. What better way to educate ourselves than via a good read? With that in mind, we launched a monthly book giveaway recommending books that inspire us to discuss and reflect.

This month’s book is “The Movement Made Us” by David Dennis, Jr., and David Dennis, Sr.

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From the Publisher:

A dynamic family exchange that pivots between the voices of a father and son, “The Movement Made Us” is a unique work of oral history and memoir, chronicling the extraordinary story of the Civil Rights Movement of the 1960s and its living legacy embodied in Black Lives Matter. David Dennis, Sr., a core architect of the movement, speaks out for the first time, swapping recollections both harrowing and joyful with David, Jr., a journalist working on the front lines of change today.

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