This Month’s Book Explores Common Ground in a Divided World

January Book Giveaway

January Book Giveaway

Learning and education are integral parts of the Alluvial Collective’s mission. What better way to educate ourselves than via a good read? With that in mind, we launched a monthly book giveaway recommending books that inspire us to discuss and reflect.

In January, we will give away a copy of Lessons on the Road to Peace by John Noltner.

Click here to enter by January 26.

About the Book

Lessons on the Road chronicles their exploration from immigration issues at the border to conversations about relocating Confederate monuments in Mississippi. They delve into housing security on Skid Row, tackling tough topics like race, environment, identity, and justice.

Through Noltner’s award-winning lens, the visual narrative captures a nation’s complexities while highlighting the resilience of human connection. In a world marked by division, their journey serves as a testament to the potential for understanding and innovative solutions to our most pressing issues.

Support our collective movement to end inequity for all people.