Thanks to committed supporters like you, the Alluvial Collective (formerly the William Winter Institute) has grown into an organization uniquely positioned to lead our communities to a better future.

Von discusses this in the above video. Here are the top takeaways:

  1. More than two decades of positive results in our work with youth and communities have built buy-in from a growing number of people.
  2. Because people trust the Alluvial Collective’s track record, they trust us to lead them in difficult dialogues that help their organizations and communities overcome the obstacles to a better future. Importantly, these dialogues occur with people they might not ordinarily find themselves engaging with.
  3. From these dialogues, common ground, trust, and unexpected partnerships emerge, along with collaborative plans focused on a better, shared future.

Alluvial Collective supporters understand that change brought about by this work occurs in fits and starts, sometimes over a year or longer and that changes manifest in unexpected ways. For example, a Mississippi business leader touched by our work said: “I started to challenge myself about things I’ve said, things I did or didn’t do.” Recognizing the everybody-wins socioeconomic benefits of equity in our communities, he committed to making his organization “look more like where we live.”

We have many examples of organizations relying on the Alluvial Collective to bring unexpected stakeholders together to chart a path to a better future.

A few of them include:

  • Leaders from the Jackson Police Department & Capitol Police Force committed to a program developed by the Alluvial Collective in which they engage with community stakeholders, civil rights workers, historians, and others from Mississippi, Germany, and Philadelphia, Pa. The diverse group is collaborating to develop solutions to increase public safety.
  • The Alluvial Collective is facilitating discussions in a number of Mississippi communities about the statewide educational accountability models; with a focus on the educational needs of our children, we find that many divisions are being overcome.
  • Leadership Greater Jackson, which “seeks to inspire a diverse community of civic leadership,” invited the Alluvial Collective to preside over workshops that illustrate how, in our communities, difference can be a superpower.
  • The Mississippi State Legislature enlisted our team to lead a series of discussions among legislators. The respect developed in those sessions proved vital to the majority vote to replace the state flag.
  • The Lafayette Community Remembrance Project, which emerged from ongoing Alluvial Collective work in Lafayette County, has become a model for how communities can confront, heal, and repair a history of racialized violence. The ongoing efforts continue to attract interest from communities not only throughout Mississippi, but nationwide.
  • Each summer, we bring a group of high schoolers from all over Mississippi to a partner college campus for the Summer Youth Institute, where they explore their power and the power of community to bring about a better future for their communities. These emerging leaders have driven positive change close to home, in higher education spaces, and as young professionals for over a decade.

Your support has allowed us to become a trusted, behind-the-scenes partner to so many people, organizations, and communities that, by addressing difficult elements of their past, are working together to create a better future.

Please give today to join us in this work to bring about a better future!

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