Alluvial Collective Helps Improve Climate Resilience in the Mississippi Delta 

The Alluvial Collective collaborated with students from Georgia Tech in gathering community feedback and data in the Mississippi Delta in order to improve local climate adaptation and resilience. This research has been recently published in a report by The Princeton School for Public Affairs. 

The report, “Expanding Climate Services to Respond Adaptation Challenges: Insights from Managed Retreat Practice,” uses the history of environmental hazard mitigation, such as managed retreat, data analysis, and information gathered from community members in order to craft new policies to support climate resilience in underserved communities. 

Climate resilience relates to a community’s ability to prepare for or mitigate current and future impacts of climate change. Community feedback, support, and engagement are key to ensuring that new policies, initiatives, or programs directed towards climate resilience are actionable and effective for the community. 

The Alluvial Collective worked with local communities in the Mississippi Delta to identify what barriers may be preventing them from developing resources to mitigate the impact of climate change. The resulting report serves as a positive step forward for ensuring the protection of communities in the Mississippi Delta, and subsequently across the nation, from the impacts of climate change. 

Want to learn more? Read the full report here.

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