Statement on the Raising of the New Mississippi Flag

On January 11, 2021, Gov. Tate Reeves signed the new Mississippi flag design into law. Shortly after, the new flag was raised in a ceremony at the state Capitol.

Portia Ballard Espy, Executive Director of the Winter Institute for Racial Reconciliation, shared this statement:

“Today marks a historic day with the official raising of Mississippi’s new state flag. The redesign is the collective effort of a group of diverse Mississippians eager to create a symbol that captures the ideals, ambitions, and values of all citizens of the Magnolia State. The bold changes provide us with an opportunity to raise expectations and embrace diverse sentiments that will evoke positive changes.”

“As we welcome our new flag, may we also embrace our shared humanity and the benefits of being in community with one another. May we move toward the enlightenment that only comes with recognizing our shared humanity and our desire to create the best quality of life that we can for all Mississippians.”


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