Faith and Advocacy

Sam Heath

Aug 25, 2022 - 12:00 am


About the Session

Sam Heath, storyteller, educator, and manager of EJUSA’s Evangelical Network, talks about his work and how faith can impact the pursuit of social equity. Heath’s background as an educator and current work with EJUSA inspired a thoughtful discussion about these topics, as well as a deep examination of history and its role in shaping how communities fight for social equity.

About the Presenter

Sam Heath is the manager of EJUSA’s Evangelical Network. Before coming on board with EJUSA in 2021, Sam taught high school history for 10 years in North Carolina and Virginia. He has a B.A. in education and psychology from University of North Carolina Chapel Hill and a master’s degree in theology, ethics, and culture from the University of Virginia. He is also an independent writer and has been published in Medium and Vinegar Hill Magazine.

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