Exploring 60 Years of Racial Healing in Laurel, Mississippi

Derrion Arrington

May 21, 2024 - 12:00 pm


About the Session

In this upcoming CLS discussion, historian Derrion Arrington unpacks 60 years of racial healing in Laurel, Mississippi. Beginning in 1945, Arrington’s presentation will chronicle the turbulent history of a Sam Bowers-led Ku Klux Klan battle, labor strikes, and white flight, while also detailing several biracial groups and organizations that sought out to create a more inclusive Laurel. This discussion provides important historical context for the racial issues we face today in Mississippi, unlocking new potential for how we can build a more empathetic and inclusive future.

About the Presenter

Derrion Arrington is a historian from Laurel, Mississippi. He works at Hinds Community College as the Donor Relations and Engagement Specialist. He graduated from Tougaloo College with a degree in history. His work can be found in publications such as the Mississippi Encyclopedia, Black Perspectives, and the Journal of African American History. He is also the founder of the Laurel Black History Project and co-founder of the Laurel-Jones County Black History Museum and Arts. He is the author of Standing Firm in the Dixie: The Freedom Struggle in Laurel, Mississippi.


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