“Wherever I’ve gone, irrespective of racial or cultural differences, I’ve found that people agree on several basic propositions: everybody wants a decent education for their children; everybody wants a fair chance to secure a job that will sustain them and their family; everybody wants to be able to live in a decent house on a safe street; everybody wants access to adequate health care; and everybody wants to be treated with dignity and respect.”

– Governor William F. Winter

Carrying forward Governor Winter’s legacy, the William Winter Institute for Racial Reconciliation works to cultivate emerging leaders in Mississippi and beyond who have the determination to confront entrenched challenges and promote fairness, well-being, and dignity for all.

Our Rethink Mississippi initiative develops online and offline spaces for Mississippians to read, write, and talk about solutions to the state’s long-term issues. We also provide data and analysis to policymakers, journalists, educators, and others who seek to better understand Mississippi’s problems and promise.