MS Civil Rights Education Commission

Our state, our communities, and our schools have all been shaped by the experiences of its people. That collection of experiences makes up our history. Mississippi’s history can be an uncomfortable one – one of inequity, disconnection, and distrust. It is vital that we honor the stories of ALL people, rather than letting the comfort of one supercede the difficult lived experiences of another.

In many Mississippi communities, as well as communities throughout the country, the stories of those living through the Civil Rights Movement and the effects that followed are being silenced. It is vital for Mississippians to hear those stories, to honor those that lived them, and to create equitable change in our communities.


The Commission is made up of representatives from The Alluvial Collective, Tougaloo College, the Oral History Project at the University of Southern Mississippi, and Jackson State University, with eleven volunteer positions. Our mission is to increase understanding of the important role the Civil RIghts Movement had on the State of Mississippi and increase understanding the importance of teaching Mississippi’s children all of our history.

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Applications will be reviewed by the membership committee. The deadline to apply is June 14!

Support our collective movement to end inequity for all people.