Join MCREC to Mobilize Communities and Protect Civil Rights Education

Protecting the preservation of civil rights history matters now more than ever. With many civil rights activists now in their 70s and 80s, the time to document, share, and uplift their stories is running out. Equally important is combating the rise of historical misinformation and generational knowledge gaps that prolong limiting beliefs and narratives that stand in the way of equity and inclusion.

For those looking to make a difference, the Mississippi Civil Rights Education Commission (MCREC) offers a great opportunity to do so. From now until June 14, 2024, people, educators, and community leaders can apply to become a Commission member and power important preservation work in the state.

Why Join?

MCREC will connect you to a community of people passionate about making a difference in their community. Working together, you’ll increase public awareness of the civil rights movement, its impact on Mississippi, and the importance of teaching it in schools. You’ll also get to speak to local politicians, civil rights advocates, and thought leaders about this moment in history.

Commission members serve for three years, which is comparable to serving on the board of a nonprofit or community organization. During your term, you’ll see the sustained impact of your work, build relationships, and power the preservation of vital moments in Mississippi history.

Apply Now!

Only by understanding the past can we unlock new possibilities for the future. Become one of the eleven volunteer members at MCREC and move Mississippi toward a brighter future. Click here to start your application.

If you have any questions, contact Chauncey Spears, our Systems and Leader Engagement Manager, at


The Mississippi Civil Rights Education Commission (MCREC) is made up of representatives from The Alluvial Collective, Tougaloo College, the Oral History Project at the University of Southern Mississippi, and Jackson State University, with eleven volunteer positions. Our mission is to increase understanding of the important role the Civil Rights Movement had on the state of Mississippi and increase understanding the importance of teaching Mississippi’s children all of our history.

Support our collective movement to end inequity for all people.