Community Connectors

Help us recognize the power of everyday leaders in our communities.

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We’re all surrounded by leaders everyday who — through instinct or training — work to bridge differences and connect people.

These Community Connectors don’t have to be CEOs or elected officials — they simply expand their circles to invite all people into spaces of community.

We’re recognizing leaders in two categories:

Community Life

Tell us about the person in your town, community, or family who connects people. 

They make sure the “family” is in the family reunion.  When the neighborhood comes together, you know that this person had something to do with it.  When the town needs a cheerleader, they can be counted on.

Work Life

Tell us about the person where you work, in your company, at your school who makes sure everyone feels like they belong. 

Team divides and differences aren’t always perceived, but they are often real. This person is always intentional about creating space for people to connect and work through issues. Sometimes, work is a hard place to be, but this person always brings folks together.

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Community Connectors

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