Systems & Leader Engagement

Von Gordon leading a workshop at the Jackson Airport TSA

The Alluvial Collective’s Systems & Leader Engagement pillar, led by Chauncey Spears, works with local people, community-based organizations, and systems and sector leaders across the state of Mississippi to support human flourishing.  We aim for that to be rooted in shared values nurtured through dialogue, equitable approaches and practice, and in service to the highest hopes of all.

Leading Locally with Inclusivity

The Systems & Leader Engagement team is determined to help local policy leaders make decisions based on a more inclusive understanding of their constituencies. The Alluvial Collective creates experiences for local policy leaders that will develop an equity lens through which to work, defining equity for them and creating opportunities to expand their visions. 

While a student member of a teacher recruitment cohort,  and later an alum, Dr. Taylor participated in workshops and listening sessions facilitated by the Collective.

Support our collective movement to end inequity for all people.