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We assist partner communities to:

  • Understand the importance of listening, storytelling, and relationship building as prerequisites for producing real and measurable change.
  • Understand the consequences of the systems we have inherited, in order to develop, together, community-specific initiatives to redress inequities.
  • Focus on examining and changing policies, procedures, and practices to create more inclusive and equitable environments.
  • Become equipped with the communications tools to accomplish the goals stakeholders identify together to improve their communities.

Work with us

We draw upon our community-based history to create customized experiences for organizations, including businesses, nonprofits, cultural institutions, boards of directors, government agencies, professional associations, educational institutions at every level, faith-based groups, and state legislatures. 

We work with each organization to craft a timeline and structure that works for them. We build every collaboration on the foundation of our principles of relationship- and trust-building through facilitated story-sharing, truth-telling and learning experiences, leading to equity-focused action.

We are available for deep one-time engagements or, preferably, a series of sessions over an extended time period. To speak with us about your organization’s needs, email April Grayson, our director of Community & Capacity Building, using the contact form below.

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Partner Organizations

Support our collective movement to end inequity for all people.