Museum Partners - William Winter Institute
The Alluvial Collective works with museums such as the Mississippi Civil Rights Museum on community engagement projects.

Increasingly over the past few years, we’ve partnered with other types of “communities,” including businesses, nonprofits, cultural institutions, boards of directors, government agencies, professional associations, educational institutions at every level, faith-based groups, and state legislatures.

They, too, come to the work with a shared desire to have more productive conversations about race and other differences and to learn from each other and from the Institute’s training.

We work with each organization to craft a timeline and structure that works for them, building every collaboration on the foundation of our Welcome Table principles of relationship and trust building through facilitated story-sharing, truth-telling and learning experiences, and equity-focused action.

We are available for deep one-time engagements or, preferably, a series of sessions over an extended time period. Many organization opt for a series of six monthly or bimonthly sessions. To speak with us about your organization’s needs, email our director of Community & Capacity Building, April Grayson, using the contact form below.

Partnering with Organizations

Email us for more information on the Welcome Table for your group