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Making a More Inclusive State: A Discussion with Rob Hill

“I love this state. It’s my home…That’s why I want to work for protections, not only for me, but for all the LGBT residents in the state.”

– Rob Hill on his work with HRC Mississippi

Working to expand freedoms and inclusivity in the state was something Rob Hill prioritized even before his work as the Human Rights Campaign in Mississippi’s state director.

Hill, who is gay and has lived in Mississippi his entire life, understands the challenges LGBTQ+ people face in Mississippi. He acknowledges the need for more inclusive spaces throughout the state and is dedicated to breaking the cultural stigmas and barriers that stand in the way of equity and progress.

During his time as a United Methodist pastor, Hill worked to create more inclusive spaces within church settings and also served on various community boards focused on increasing youth engagement, supporting neighborhood revitalization projects, and improving the Jackson community.

In this latest Community Learning Series, we will join Hill in a lunchtime discussion about his work, his life, and how communities can become allies for LGBTQ+ people and create more inclusive and welcoming spaces in the state. Hill’s background as a leader, community champion, and former pastor are sure to inspire a thoughtful discussion about community and civil rights advocacy.

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About Rob Hill

Rob Hill is the state director of HRC Mississippi. As part of HRC’s Project One America, Hill and his team work with local communities and organizations to improve conditions and increase equality for LGBTQ+ people in the state.

Hill received his bachelor’s degree from Mississippi State University and his master’s from Duke University. He currently lives in Jackson, Mississippi.