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This Month’s Book Explores Racism Without Racists

Racism Without Racists Book Cover

Learning and education are integral parts of the Alluvial Collective’s mission. What better way to educate ourselves than via a good read? With that in mind, we launched a monthly book giveaway recommending books that inspire us to discuss and reflect.

This month’s book is “Racism Without Racists” by Eduardo Bonilla-Silva.

Click here to enter by June 24.

From the Publisher:

Racism Without Racists is a book about the subtle forms of racism and discrimination that exist in the post-Civil Rights era and the issues created by “color-blind” racism.

The sixth edition of this book features new material on systematic racism, how it framed the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic and includes a revised conclusion that addresses what readers can do to confront racism–both personally and on a larger structural level.